To Erotic Wood

Home of, one of a kind handmade beautiful and unique erotic sculptures.

We all have heard the phrase "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"


This is also true when it comes to art.


What is art to some, is porn to others. Some feel that depictions of adult sex, lesbian sex, gay sex, threesomes, big tits and big dicks, she-males, and fetish art or the naked human body is distasteful and some sort of sin, and will damn you forever.


This site and this art is not for those people, and I urge you to not view this art if it offends you in any way.


This site is for those who believe that the human body is beautiful, and a work of art in itself, those who believe that sex and sexual relations between adults is normal and healthy and a wonderful gift given to humans to enjoy and cherish.


Here you will find beautifully crafted handmade one of a kind erotic sculptures made of wood. Each piece is unique and designed to stimulate your imagination. They are sure to intrigue and spark conversations among sexually open minded adult art lovers and lovers of one of a kind sexual art.


They will be the perfect gift for your special friends or lover. Who will have a deeper appreciation of you and your sexual openness.


They would also be perfect for home or office decorations. No two pieces are exactly the same which makes them all unique.


So start your collection now, because when a piece is sold, it's gone. If you are a collector of rare one of a kind erotic art, then these beautiful and unique art pieces are just what you're looking for. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. And this is the only place you can get it. Don't let someone beat you to it. Caution, these art pieces are fragile and not meant to be overly handled. Careless or over handling could result in breakage. Lightly use furniture oil to maintain luster. This art work is copyright protected.

To make a purchase send payment to M. McCormick/Erotic Wood  1040 N. 69th ave Pensacola, Fl. 32506. Accepted methods of payment are pay pal, credit card, or money order. Send no checks or cash. Shipping is free anywhere in the United States.

Now being sold at "Live and Let Live Gift Shop" 4622 Saufley Field Rd. Pensacola, FL. 32526, 347-497-2858. Ask for Sal.

Returns or refunds are honored only if item is damaged during shipping. Damage must be verified by shipper and item returned to Erotic wood at buyer's expense for refund of purchase price only or replacement with item of equal value, buyer's choice.

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