The word erotic means different things to different people, just as the word art. When you join the two together, then the meaning takes on yet another dimension in peoples thoughts and views.


Below are a series of  questions that seeks to understand the likes, dislikes, and attitudes of people in various age generations on the subject of erotic art. It is asked, that if you answer the questions, that you be honest and sincere when expressing your views and opinions.


List your answers (1 to 14) in the comment box below.


Thank you for your participation. Here are the questions: 



(1)  How do yo view the naked human body?


      a)  a beautiful work of art

      b)  something that should be hidden

      c)   something else

(2)  Which gender is more appealing to you?

       a) female

       b) male

       c)  other

(3)  What is your gender?

       a) female

       b) male

       c) other

(4)  Do you enjoy having sex?

(5)  Do you like erotic art?

(6)  What type of erotic or sexual art do you like?

(7)  Do you buy erotic or sexual art?

(8)  How much do you spend for erotic or sexual art?

     a) $50.00

     b) $100.00

     c) $300.00

     d) $500.00

     e)  more ?

(9)  What is your age?

      a) 18 to 25

      b) 25 to 35

      c)  35 to 55

      d)  55 to 85

(10)  What words or phases do you use when searching for erotic or sexual art?

(11)  Which online sites display the kind of erotic or sexual art you like?

(12)  What kind of erotic or sexual art would you like to find?

(13)  What do you like about erotic or sexual art?

(14)  What country, city and state do you live in ?