Best Lottery Formula Ever

If you think that this site is like all the other sites that make the claim that they have the secret to win the lottery, and all you have to do is give them a lot of money and they'll share it with you. Then you are wrong!!! But don't take my word for it, look at the report below from an independent site, and then be assured that this is the real deal.

The site above " upgraded this site " to a 100% trustworthy rating. In fact, this site is ranked 8.48 out of 10 on 4 ratings. This is the original "" A search of the internet will show show dozens if not hundreds of sites calling themselves Blackrabbitmydealscenter or some variation of it.

If theirs is so good, then why try to confuse people by using my site's name. The reason is that they see that this site is a winner, and they swarm to it like flys to *?&%@$. You know what I mean. So don't let the fakers confuse you.

This is the site where you can win money !!!    Real cash money.

Let's face it, the reason why people play lottery games is to win money! So wouldn't it be better to have a 90% advantage in your favor?  A 90% better chance to win your lottery game of choice. I'm sure that this is what you want. Who wouldn't?

Games like lotto, power ball, mega millions, pick 3, pick 4, and the new pick 2, and pick 5 in Florida or any 2 to 6 digit lottery game, this formula improves your odds of winning 90% or more. This is not a win everytime you play type of formula. It is a win more often tool that gets better everytime you use it and learn the trends of your favorite game. It does not pick your numbers for you. You still have to do that, but it gives you a grouping of numbers to pick from and the winner is there 90% of the time or more. It's like a number puzzle with the winner in it. And you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars  or give up your first born to get it. It cost a fraction of what you would win and it's yours to keep and use as long as you like. And all you need to use this formula is a pencil or pen and some paper.

So let the others make the claim that they have the secret. The only claim I make is that with this formula, the winning numbers of your game of choice will be in the formula 90% of the time or more guaranteed.

To prove that this is the real deal, below are real winning tickets.

  $2600.00 won on a one dollar bet.      

   $200.00 won on a 50 cent bet.

   $2900.00 won on a one dollar bet.    

   $599.00 won on a one dollar bet.

  $200.00 won on a one dollar bet.         

 $2600.00 won on a one dollar bet.          

   $3099,00 won on a one dollar bet.          

Is that proof enough. Is this what you have been looking for? Will you be satisfied with these kinds of wins more often? Or are you the type who want to win the jackpot or nothing? Well in addition to theses types of wins, the jackpot may be just around the corner.

So now is the time to prove it to yourself.

To get your copy of "the best lottery formula ever"

Send $20.00 payment to M. McCormick/best lottery formula ever  1040 N. 69th ave Pensacola, Fl. 32506   accepted method of payment is money orders only. Send no cash or checks.

  This could be you!!!             

  the pie chart below show a study done by lottery game promoters "the various state lotteries" it shows that 80% of all lottery players use the quick pick to pick their numbers and win 50% of the time. While the remaining 20% use some sort of formula and win the other 50%. Which means that the 80% are paying for the winnings of the 20%. And that means that the "house - lottery promoters" wins because they don't have to pay anything.

The question now is which group do you want to be in? The group that pays everyone else  or the winning group. The choice is yours.